So many ways to make your wedding special

Understanding the difference is the very first step!
The key is to understand the difference between a wedding and a marriage!
A marriage can only be conducted by a registrar or member of the church in a licensed venue, or the licensed area of a venue.
And yet…
A wedding can be conducted anywhere! Anywhere you can get permission from the land owner or property owner. And can be hand written, bespoke, have rituals, tell your story, involve your family, in fact, when you use a Celebrant to host your wedding you can totally unlock your imagination!

Just one of the Licensed area at Kitley House, Devon

Now that all sounds very lovely, so what if the venue is registered but you want your wedding in a different place in the grounds and you want a bespoke ceremony?

There are two ways to do this. Get married first in a registry office, on a Tuesday, a Thursday, whenever they can fit you in and let’s face it, we’re going to be busy with weddings after the year we’ve had!
Then hold your wedding where ever you want, with your venues consent in their building or grounds
Have your wedding anywhere within the building or grounds and then arrange for the registrar to attend at the end to carry out the legal document signing, the marriage certificate, whilst your guests enjoy a glass of champagne.
Talk to your venue alongside your Celebrant and make your day truly unique!

My thoughts are this will help venues and registrars work alongside Celebrants to make more dream weddings come true now and going forward.

Not a licensed area but equally as beautiful with a wonderful step up stairs leading to the garden! At Kitley House, Devon.

And what if you want to hold your wedding in an area that is not licensed.
That’s fine! If they are happy for you to hold your wedding there, work with your Celebrant, have your wedding hand crafted, unique to your love story, with readings and songs, vows, ring exchanges and all the wonderment of any perfect day and then organise to legalise it with the registrars office before or after.

For help and advice about how to make your wedding happen or how to make your venue work for weddings, contact Leanne Elliott

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